Product Name: Tire Light
Suitable for models: universal
Installation location: vehicle valve
Product material: light alloy
Product line: independent circuit design, composed of light control circuit, dynamic induction circuit, light-emitting circuit
Product power supply: 3 sections AG10 button battery
Product introduction:
The cool and delicate hot wheels are composed of dynamic sensing circuits and lighting circuits.
The LED light is brightly lit, independent circuit design, no need to change or connect the circuit itself.
Tighten the valve on the tires of cars and motorcycles. At night, as long as the car starts to move, it will emit a charming aura along with the vibration of the tires. At the same time, it has a waterproof function, called a hot wheels.
No need to change or connect the circuit of the car itself, tighten it on the valve of the car wheel
The package includes:
4 x wheel light