10.1 inch car headrest MP5 monitor +capacitivetouch screen+ultra-thin+FM+1080P+USB+headphone interface+speaker+TF+support Android mobile phone interconnection+80-degree ultra-wide perspective+support Bluetooth music+1 video input+1 video output+2 audio output+2 audio input

●Screen:10.1 inch HD LCD digital screen
●Size: 250*165*9mm
●Weight:Approx 1.2Kg
●High temperature resistant (-20~+75)
●Built-in Bluetooth miusc /Phones
●3.5mm jack for headphones
●One usb charging mouth 5V/1A
●1 AIV inputs
●1 AIN Output
●Wireless remote control
●Built in FM transmitter
●Pole distance adjustable from 4″-7″ apart for universal fir
●Free tilt mechanism allows for adjustment to optimal viewing angle
●Aspect ratio: 16: 9 wide screen

The Main Function & Characteristic:

  • Support USB/memory card/1080P HD movie.
  • 1 channel video input, can connect the central control, central control with video output can be.
  • FM audio frequency modulation transmission, built-in speaker, FM opens, speaker automatically closes, 8 frequency points.
  • DC cigarette lighter DC outlet, line length about 1.8 meters.
  • Accessible power video integrated line, red positive and black negative connected with ACC.
  • A variety of suitable car logos.

1. Ful-function infrared remote controller
2. Support NTSC and PAL
3. Support memory card like SD card
4. Support MPEG1, MPEG2, DAT,MPEG4, MPEG5,DIV, DIVX,AVI and RMVB video files
5. Support MP3,WMA audio files
6. Support JPEG(JPG),BMP,GIF picture files
7. Multilanguage OSD
8. FM audio output, supplymore frequency points
9. It can play TXT format
10. Support various playing methods of picture: ordinal, random,menu demand,pause, enlarge,reduce, circumrotate,enantiomorph.etc.
11.12V direct current external power, maximum electric currentis 1.5A
12. logo setting Pass word 6666
13. Built-in Mirror Link I0S AND ANDROID
14.Support Chinese, English, German, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian and French languages.


1.How to connect a headrest screen to play videos?

  • Video can be played via USB or SD card connection, or can be connected to the car center control radio to play vid

2.How to synchronize the two headrest screens without connecting the central control radio?

  • You can use video cable to connect 2 headrest screens, one play videos, the other can play simultaneously

3.Can this product connect to mobile phones?

  • This product can not connect mobile phones and WiFi

1. Piece Package Include:

1x 10.1 inch car headrest monitor

1x Install Bracket

8x Install Accessories

1x power cable line&Cigaretter cable

1x English user menu

2. Piece Package Include:

2x 10.1 inch car headrest monitor

2x Install Bracket

16x Install Accessories

2x power cable line&Cigaretter cable

2x English user menu

●The wiring and installation of this unit requires special technical skill and experience. To ensure
the safety always connect the dealer where you purchased this product to have the work done.
●For the sake ofyour safety,do not watch the video image or open the display in driving.
●The operating voltage is DC+12v,the player shall be worked abnormally or be damaged if the voltage higer or lower than the allowed range.
●Do not damage wring. Faiure to do so may result in elecric shook or fre due to electrical shorts.
●Be sure to use specified acessory parts and nstall them securely.