Introduction of the key:

▶ ① Right Select Key: Select key of menu

M ② Menu Key: Long press into menu setting

◀ ③ Left Select Key: Long press to turn on/off, Select key of menu

  • Type: Intelligent Solar TPMS Car Tire Pressure
  • Solar power charging, don’t need to charge by connecting car cigarette lighter
  • Colorful LCD Digital displaying, clear to show tire information
  • Rear-time monitoring pressure & temperature of 4 tires
  • Low air pressure/high temperature alarm
  • High Temperature / Leakage / Low Battery Alarm
  • Intelligent Shock Boot when car moving, don’t need to turn on/off
  • Wireless connect by sensors, easy install
  • ​Two units (PSI / Bar) changeable, you can set the one you like.
External Sensor:
  • Easy to install, convenient to replace
  • Dust-Proof / Water-Proof / Anti-theft
  • Anti High Temperate and Cold
  • IP67 Protection / Waterproof
  • Working Temperature: -20℃-85℃
  • Battery Life: 2 Years, replaceable
Package Included:
  • 1 set Car Tyre Pressure Monitoring System